• Image of organic cloth napkin ~ indigo stripes
  • Image of organic cloth napkin ~ indigo stripes
  • Image of organic cloth napkin ~ indigo stripes
  • Image of organic cloth napkin ~ indigo stripes

classic, eco-chic, minimalist. mid-weight hemp + organic cotton cloth napkins are perfect for everyday use. each napkin is stitched with 100% GOTS organic cotton thread and finished with a double hand turned hem on all four sides. made to last and be well loved. use everyday. hand cut and sewn in my home studio in Bellingham, Washington.

Please choose a size and quantity (single or set of 4)
Small Size: 9 inches x 9 inches
Large Size: 17 inches x 17 inches
(Sizes may vary slightly due to the nature of hand cutting.)

Pre-washed. Machine wash cold/gentle and tumble dry low or air dry for best results. Iron if desired.

* a note about the fabric I use and the sustainability of hemp and organic cotton fabric

Hemp grows extremely fast in any kind of climate. It does not exhaust the soil, uses little water, and requires no pesticides or herbicides. Dense planting leaves little space for light, hence few chances for weeds to grow. Its skin is tough and insect resistant, and this is why often hemp is used as a rotation crop. Its fiber and oil can be used in making clothes, papers, building material, food, skin care products and even biofuels. No wonder it’s considered by many as the most versatile and sustainable plant on earth.

Organic cotton is an ecologically responsible and green fiber. Unlike conventional cotton, which uses more chemicals than any other crop, it is never genetically modified and does not use any highly polluting agro-chemicals such as those found in pesticides, herbicides and many fertilizers. Integrated soil and pest management techniques—such as crop rotation and introducing natural predators of cotton pests—are practiced in organic cotton cultivation.

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